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International Conference “Sustainable Innovations in Construction Sector”


 Sustainable innovations are based on reduction of hazardous material use or substitution by non-hazardous materials, process change with the objective to reduce pollution or to use waste for useful purposes including production of recyclable products or products having longer lifetime. These aspects are particularly important in the construction sector as this sector generates big volumes of waste and has significant possibilities to increase energy efficiency and to reduce impact to the environment.

Effective innovations with high performance improvement potential can only bee generated in close co-operation between representatives of research and industrial/ business organisations. To promote such co-operation, international conference “Sustainable Innovations in Construction Sector” is organised. 

Representatives of enterprises and other organisations involved in production, importing of construction materials and organisations involved in research in the are of construction are invited to present their experience, research results, new methods or technologies related to the topics of the conference, to establish new business contacts, to find potential partners for implementation of available innovations in the construction sector.

International project SPIN – Sustainable Production through Innovation in SME’s will be presented in the conference. Lithuanian SMEs will be invited to use expertise from the SPIN project, i.e. during the conference and as a conference follow-up, SPIN experts will consult and will assist in search of financing sources for implementation of sustainable innovation in the construction sector. Project is partly financed by European Union and all mentioned services for SMEs are free of charge.

EUSEW 2011 is likely to attract more than 20 000 participants from across Europe and beyond. The Week will largely focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Europe with a significant portion of the programme dedicated to the European energy market and smart electricity grids. International conference “Sustainable Innovations in Construction Sector” is a part of hundreds of events organised in all parts of Europe in the framework of EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) - Europe's key event for a more sustainable energy future

Organisers of the conference

-    Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI), Kaunas University of Technology;
-    Environmental Protection Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.
-    Information Consulting Centre for renewable Energy;
-    Lithuanian Solar Energy Association.

Participants are invited to register until 8 of April 2011

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UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme

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   LR Ministry for Environment

        British Embassy Vilnius


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