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Community Straw Bale Building project in Upyte, Lithuania

Development of Rural Entrepreneurship through Promotion of Linen Crafts and Straw Bale Buildings in Upyte

The aim of the project is demonstration and popularization of ecological straw bale building and bio-heating technologies increasing renewable energy utilization and development of alternative, innovative,  ecological, traditional community income in Panevezys region.

Project is sponsored by UNDP Small Grants Program, LR Ministry of Agriculture and Panevezys Municipality

Expected results:

  • 1000 people will be informed about straw bale buildings and bio-heating boilers;
    Presentation and popularization of cheap and ecological straw bale building and bio-heating technologies by education of society;
  • 2 seminars, press-conference, practical trainings, demonstrative training during the period of straw bale house building, project closing conference. In all these seminars training will take part over 200 people;
  • During the project implementation will be made demonstrative window inside the straw bale building, the building process and technology will be presented in 2 demonstrative stands, 1000 booklets and 15 minutes video movie;
  • Straw bale building of 150 m2 will be built in Upyte and the flax handicrafts centre will be opened there. The biggest part of the work will be done by the common work of local community. It will help to activate the communication among them and know each other better, to create wormer and closer atmosphere. In handicraft centre will be trained 10 women. Once a year here will be organised working camps to present straw bale building technology. We expect over 2000 visitors each year;
  • The cultivation od flax and ryes crops will rise 15 ha more in Panevezys region;
  • Will be made impacts to the Panevezys region development strategy of 2009-2013 giving priority to the development of ecological innovative technologies in the agricultural farms of Panevezys region.

Theoretical seminar on straw bale building

Theoretical seminar on straw bale building will take place in Panevezys municipality on 23th November. More information about the seminar

Media about the project

Sustainable Energy Europe         

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UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme

    Small Grants Program

   LR Ministry for Environment

        British Embassy Vilnius


The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania